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Sterile Sampling Valves (KRONETECH)


KRONETECH is the ideal device for sampling from tanks and pipeline under sterile conditions for physico-chemical or microbiological analysis


• Sterilizable in place with alcohol or steam
• ‘O’ring sealing directly against product
• Representative sampling, giving repeatable results
• Dual purpose, bulk and micro samples (special version)
• User friendly

On line sampling from the System/Bioreactors/Media is acumbersome procedure, since contamination is a always problem in open sampling method. SM Biosystems has developed a closed loopsampling system with measurable 250/500 ml bottles. The unique advantages are ease of sampling, aseptic sampling, easy to sterilize and measurability.

Sterile Sampling Valve
Sterile Sampling Valve
Valve Body
Stainless steel AISI 316 L (welding parts with material certificate)
Silicone EPDM on request
Product pressure
Max. 4bar (65 PSI) as standard
6 bar is available on request.
The Valve body is available in following executions: Type ‘F’ for direct welding into tanks / flange Type ‘P’ for direct welding into pipe / fermenter The manually actuated KRONETECH - Sterile Sampling Valve is steam sterilizable and designed to suit hygiene norms
Sterile Sampling Valve