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Aseptic Pressure Modulating Valves (KT-APM)


Application : The Aseptic Pressure Modulating Valve is used to maintain constant pressure in the process line. The series is designed to maintain either constant inlet or constant outlet pressure by virtue of regulating air pressure. It can be used in following type of equipment-Milk Pasteurization plants

• Back pressure control in separation of hygienic juices
• Filtration and heat exchangers
• Brewery plants
• Filling systems
• Purified water plants
• WFI water plants

Aseptic Pressure Modulating Valve (KT-APM)

Working Principle :
KT - APM is a pneumatically actuated diaphragm valve. This is designed basically in 3 sizes based on the flow requirement. The valve is completely aseptic and has internal/external Pharma finish. The required preset pressure is maintained by alteration of the position of the stem by virtue of air pressure to the diaphragm.

Features :

• Compact size Easy to clean
• Inlet tangential to the bottom of the valve body resulting in no dead log
• Welded sheet resulting in only one seal ring and the diaphragm
• Special plug design allows very low capacities and high CIP flow
• Leak-proof design

Technical Specifications :
• Contact Parts MOC SS316L contact parts
• Operating temperature 95OºC
• Operating Pressure 7 bar (g)
• Sizes From 25mm to 76mm
• Connections SMS IDF, TC and flanged available.
• Pneumatically Operated, Modulating type.