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Pharma Accessories, Butterfly Valves, Sterile Coupling, Powder Sampling

Neuflo hygienic butterfly valves are distinctly compact designed and manufactured to perform reliably in difficult production environments assuring complete safety. Neuflo valves are meticulously made in India, using the finest raw materials available. These valves feature specially designed integrated mounting holes for bracketing to precision align optional pneumatic actuators. All valve bodies are precision CNC machined from high quality stainless steel and feature an I.D. finish of less than 0.6mm Ra. Allen bolts on the body are cross threaded which ensure a tight sealing, withstanding the process fluid line vibrations.

Features -
• Designed as per cGMP norms, Hygienic.
• Available in SMS/ISO/BS/3-A/DIN.
• Optional end connections(weld/male/clamp).
• One-piece disc and stem assembly.
• Fully machined 304L/316L stainless steel body.
• Bi-directional capability.
• Fully hygienic design with auto option.
• Isolation or regulation control.
• High flow coefficient(Cv).
• Various food grade seat material options.
• Multi position handle assembly.
Technical Specifications -

• Multi position handle assembly.
• Valve Body - forged 304L / 316L stainless steel, CNC precision machined finish- Ra<0.6m.
• Disc-forged 316L CNC machined 12x8 mm capsule headed stem, Mirror Polish Finish- Ra<0.4m.
• Gasket Seats - Silicone, EPDM, FKM, PTFE ( FDA approved elastomers ).
• Handle - High impact Nylon / SS 12 position gripper handle with in built SS insert.
• SS Notch plate
• SS Grip Lever
• Elastomer Tail Bush

ISO range weld end butterfly valves
Size ɸ I ɸ0 L ɸD H
DN25 22.6 25 34 79 61
DN38 35.6 38 38 86 64.8
DN51 48.6 51 40 105 74.3
DN63.5 60.3 63.5 40 112 77.6
DN 76.1 72.9 76.1 41 125 84.8
DN101.6 97.6 101.6 44 157 101.7

pharma pharma
pharma pharma pharma
19mm Port Mounting
Technical Specifications -

The injection needles are not required.
• No septoms are required after sterilization Ra<0.6m.
• No puncturing required for innoculam Ra<0.4m.
• Easy to operates.
• Directly mounted on std DIn 19mm fermenter port.
• Dosing of acid /alkali/ antifom canbe done in situ sterilisable.
• Nutrients can be added directly from this port.
• Designed in SS316L as MOC.
• Elastomer '0' rings are food grade silicon.
• Finish 0.4 Ra Electropolished

Technical Specifications -

• Model:SMB-SPMV-01
• Mounting:19mm port with SS sleeve
• MOC:SS316L
• Internal Finish: E/P 0.4 Ra / External Finish : Polished satin finish
• 0 rings:food grade silicon
• Max temp:160 Deg C
• Max Pressure :10 Bar
• Inlet / Outlet Port :Single 6MM Hose Nipple Sutiable to fix silicon tubing

Part List

• Hose nipple inlet / outlet
• Valve open / close knurled Nut
• Valve fitment Threaded Nut 19 mm
• Valve plunger open/close connection
• Silicon 'o' rings


port mounting

SMB 19mm valve_Closed

port mounting

SMB 19mm valve_0pen

SMB X-FLOW POWDER Sampling Valve

SMB X_Flow powder sampling valves are designed to extract powder/granular forms of samples from tanks, reactors or piplines in a complete hygienic way that is non clogging and cleanable


Available in silicon,EPDM.


• Lockable inline sampling system that is,collection scoop of valve can be turned 180 degrees in one direction.
• Full T-grip handle easy to use allows good grip.
• It can be cleaned easily and assembled again.
• No dead space,completely cleanable detachable design

Technical Specifications:

• Model :SMB-X flow
• Mounting : 50.8mm OD TC end.
• MOC : SS316L
• Operation : Manually by handle 180 deg turn to open / close
• Inlet Powder Scoop Volume :6 cm3
• Oulet connection :25.4 mm TC end
• Plunger Dia. and Length : Dia 35.7mm( Length 67.5mm in open position & 134 mm in close)
• Max Operating Temp : 160 Deg C
• Working Pressure : 6 Bar(g)
• Internal Surface Finish : 0.4 Ra electropolished
• External Finish : Satin/Glossy
• Cleaning : Manual by removing plunger after change of product

Material of construction:

The contact part are of SS316L grade and the clamps are of SS304.seals are of silicon.

Options :

sampling bottles and extended stroke length

smbx flow

smbx flow
Working :

SMB X-Flow sampling valve provides inline sampling of free flowing and non free flowing materials (granules,powders,flakes,powdered milk and pharmaceutical products in gravity chutes and hoppers. Scoop provided can be pushed inside and can be pulled outside with sample then turned 180 degree using the handle to take the sample in a bottle/ flask

Valve Size :1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" weld end,weld thickness 2mm.
Powder Size : 10 micron to 1/4"(6mm) particle size.
Quantity of Sample :upto 10grams.
Temperature Range : upto 80 deg cel.


steri sample valve model kt 02 steri sample valve model kt 02

Application :

Sampling from tanks and pipeline under sterile conditions for physico-chemical or micro biological Analysis

Construction :

Valve Body : Stainless steel AISI 316L (welding parts with material certificate)
Sealing : Silicone EPDM in request
Product Pressure : Max.4bar (65PSI) as standard 6 bar is available on request.

The valve body is available in following executions :

• Type 'F' for direct welding into tanks / flange
• Type 'P' for direct welding into pipe / fermented
The manually actuated steri sample valve are steam sterilisable and designed to suit hygienic norms

Operation :

Sampling should only be made from sterile sample valve.Before opening the valve,closing cap should be placed on sample piece. There after handle is moved on horizontal position until required flow through lowe outlet is obtained.After sampling, handle should be left as it is automatically in this position the handle can not be removed.

Cleaning / Sterilisation :

After sampling the valve should be flushed with water or alcohol. Sterilisation is to be done by alcohol or steam.when not in use, the valve may be sealed with alcohol by leaving the clip-onclosing cap on the lower outlet and filling with alcohol.By aseptic sampling the channel is to be rinsed with alcohol. Cleaning in place only with vessel or pipeline cleaning by interval flipping or valve optimal cleaning of valve seat is obtained


Technical Data :
Max operating temperature
150 C
CMax.operating pressure
Material-parts in contact with medium

Details For Ordering
Sapmling valve Dn25
with steam diaphragm valve

with sterile cartridge
with stem diaphragm valve and sterile cartridge

Mounting : On tanks and pipe workNormally the valve should be mounted horizon-tally with one outlet in upward position and onein downward. If the valve is mounted in anotherposition if should be seared that complete drain-age can take place from one of the outlets.


  spare Part list : Part No

Oprating information(example)

Sterilisable in place with alcohol or steam

2001 :0'rings

Model :Type P-KT-01

Representative sampling, giving repeatable results

2002 :SS 316 springs

Application : Fermented broth

Safe tosecondary contamination

2003 :SS316L fixing Nut 

Size: DN25

Dual purpose, bulk and micro samples (special version)

2004 : 25mm DN port nut

Type of mounting Socket

Manual and User-Friendly

2005 8mm OD sampling tune



• sceptic fittings for Biopharma Industries
• OC SS316L and O Ring Food grade silicon
• Temp Max 180 Deg C, Pressure 10 Bar(g)
• Internal finish 0.4 Ra, Electropolished
• External Finish Mirror Polished / Satin


• Sterile unions nut
• Sterile unions liner
• Silicon food grade o-ring
• Threaded liner

sterile unions
STERULE UNION SMB-SU-03- GA Drawing & Dimensions


Sr.No Model Name A B C D E F R T
1 DN 63.5 17 27 29.4 75 63.5 68 1.5 2.1
2 DN 76 20.1 33.3 30 87.4 76 78 1.5 2


sterile union
STERULE UNION SMB-SU-01- GA Drawing & Dimensions  


Sr.No Model Name A B C D E F G RT
1 DN 8 12.1 27.4 28.1 8 17 21.8 15 1.41.6
2 DN 12.7 12.1 27 28 12.7 17 21.8 15 1.251.6
3 DN 19 12.6 27.3 28.6 19 22 29.75 23.5 1.251.6

sterile union su